We believe in a long-term approach to lending, rather than a transactional approach. We know that Costa Rica is a small country and that reputation is everything. IF WE WANT TO HAVE CLIENTS IN THE FUTURE, WE MUST DO A GREAT JOB TODAY.



Hi, I’m Dan! I’ve been a professional money manager and business owner for more than 15 years. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1997 with a degree in Marketing. I’ve worked in A.G. Edwards in the US, The Costa Rican Stock exchange, and was the head of sales for Scotia Securities here in Costa Rica.

I’m a bit of a finance nerd they say. I like to check markets and see what’s going on around the world. I’m a dual citizen of the US and Costa Rica. A friend of mine introduced me to loans for my personal investments and I saw the potential right away. A few years later, I started Costa Private Loans.


Hola, Soy Karla! I’m Costa Rican and have been working for international marketing companies for over a decade. I am a graduate of ULATINA Costa Rica. I have a degree in Advertising. I have worked for muti-national firms like J.Walter Thompson, Shell Oil company, Ogilvy and Havas International from France.

Dan and I have a lot of fun helping people fund their hotels, apartments and Airbnb's. I’m guilty of working a bit too much and being too selfless I’m told. I love going back to see our clients so we can see their progress. It is so nice to help others build their dreams in my country!